The importance of business cards to corporates

Though social media networks have made it easy for corporates to connect with prospects, research shows that there are still numerous business cards that are created and exchanged every year. Advancement in technology benefits the print industry since companies such as create unique business card designs that most businesses can use as a marketing tool.

A business card is a small card that contains some basic information about a company like the name and address of your business. Distributing business cards to prospects gives you the chance to introduce your company to people and direct them on where they can find you. One of the reasons why business cards are great marking tools is that they can boost brand awareness.

Though more than 70% of the American population own a smartphone, you can still convey your company details to people who don’t have smart gadgets by giving them your business card. Though this a traditional way of making people aware of your brand, it can work since you make it easy for everyone, including non-smartphone users to reach out to your business.

Before most people buy a particular product from a new company, they try to verify its legitimacy. Such people spend some time figuring out who you are, how they can get in touch with you, where your business is located, and how you can help them. One of the most practical ways that you can help such a person find out this information is through your business card. Professional business cards can, therefore, enhance the legitimacy of a company within minutes.

Though digital channels enable people to exchange information, it makes it hard for companies to establish some personal connections with their prospects. Digital communication is flawed since it lacks elements such as authenticity, small talk, and even eye contact. When you hand out your business card to a potential client, you can easily develop some form of connection with them. It also gives you the chance to continue the conversation with those who show more interest in your brand. Since you already engaged them while handing out your business card, you don’t miss out on elements such as eye contact or small talk.

If you get a chance to attend different networking events, you should never leave behind your business cards since they can help you reach out to more people. A business card can also give your brand a face. Though small, this card represents the identity of your business. When a potential client looks at your business card, it can remind them of what your company does. You should, therefore, ensure that you get well-designed business cards that can help you communicate the brand’s message positively.

It should include some emotion-evoking elements that can convert an interested prospect into a loyal customer. Coming up with creative business cards also increases the likelihood of them being shared. If, for instance, a customer whom you gave your business card likes your product, they can share your business card with a friend recommending your company to them.